Dishin' Film with FantaSci
Season 2

Episode 2
We take a lightspeed look at all things Star Wars with Damon Wellner, the filmmaker behind the award-winning short film Hood: A Star Wars Story, which take a look at the blink-and-you-missed him unnamed character from Empire Strikes Back that became immortal.

Episode 1
We kick off our second season with the 2022 FantaSci William Shatner Indie Auteur award winner Mark Largent! We talk all things Trek, so strap on a phaser and beam on up! 

Season 1

Episode 1
Our first official episode with dinner and all! This conversation is with multi award-winning actor/filmmaker Lukas Hassel. He discusses acting, his films, and his recent season-long stint on the NBC TV show The Blacklist.

Episode 0
This conversation with filmmaker Luke Momo stemmed from his acceptance for an award in our 2021 festival for his film The Stamp Collector. But since we sort of fell into the chat and didn't prepare a meal, it's officially called "episode zero."